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Technical Support Options

Local 626-405-1739 / Toll Free 888-887-0965

Several different levels of support options are available.  Depending on your business or personal computing demands, a specialized contract and personal computer consultant can be arranged to meet your technology requirements.

Business Hours are: Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm, and Saturday 10 - 4pm by appointment only. Please call before coming into our offices as we are in and out of the office throughout the day and we don't want to miss you!

Pricing Schedule for 2010

Now is the time to sign up for a monthly service contract.. Don't wait!!

Reduce your monthly computer service needs now!!. Service rates will be increasing year end, but you can actually reduce your monthly computer expenses from what they are now by signing up with one of our monthly customized service plans. Call us now for a free consultation and quote.

On-Site Service Case by case or per incident basis @ $110.00 per hour per technician. Trip charges may apply.
Phone & Remote Support 15 minute increments $25.00 by credit card regardless if issue is resolved. First time customers first 5 minutes free of charge. Wait for technician to prompt you to click on the... AJCC REMOTE SUPPORT TOOL
Walk-In In-office service $75.00/hour billed every quarter hour, 1 hour min. By appointment only, please call to schedule.
After Hours On-site service minimum 2 hours @ $100.00 per hour per technician. In-our-office min 2 hours @ $75.00 per hour.
Emergency Svc Drop everything and go now service. $300.00 first hour, $125.00 for each additional hour per technician. Billed on the quarter of every hour.
Virus Removal and or System Reload Flat rate at our office $190.00, On-site at hourly rate $110.00/hour per technician.
Other Services Database, web development & proprietary application maintenance @ $150.00 per hour.
Data Recovery Extract data from non-bootable disk starting at $750.00 in-office for up to 5 Gigabytes of data if drive or media is accessible. If more then 5 gigs of data, a flat rate of $145.00 will be charged. For RAID disk arrays or damaged disk drives prices may be higher (no guarantees). Waiver of liability to be signed before service. $20.00 Minimum charge even if data is unrecoverable.
Legacy Systems Microsoft non-supported operating systems such as NT4, Win9x and hardware less then 1Ghz systems, please call us for a quote as service times may be longer..
Pickup & Delivery $40.00 to pick and deliver. One way $20.00. Upon return, we will connect all computer cables. For additional configuration, our regular on-site rate of $110.00/hr per tech will apply. Local pickup and delivery, may be free, please call to inquire.
Quick Questions First time customers, first 5 minutes is free, then a minimum charge of $25.00 will apply for every 15 minutes of service.


Please Note:  We do not support unlicensed software. All original software installation disks are required with proper licensing information for certain services performed such as reloading the operating system (Windows), hardware specific drivers and applications software. If you can not locate these items, we can assist you with purchasing the software. For re-installing WindowsXP we only need the Product Installation Key if you don't have the disks. Usually this is label is affixed to the outside of the computer case. All other software to be reinstalled must be provided at the time of service if the system is to be reloaded.


Note: It is your responsibility to backup your data prior to service. We can assist you with this, but we will not assume any liability for loss of data, or returning your computer to its original state prior to service. All services require a signed work order prior to any repairs performed. Thank you.


We also offer Service Contracts to reduce costs, please call us now to answer your questions. 626-405-1739 or toll free 888-887-0965.


Our Team:


Adam: 20 years+ experience, starting with Cobol Programming in the early 90's, network and support desk management, software quality control and hardware expertise for 10+ years. Owner and operator of Adam Judis Computer Consulting, LLC aka adamjudis.com and ajcctech.com.


Dustin: Hardware/software expert 8 years plus. Vast knowledge of smartphones.


Marcus: Hardware and software technician, broad experience in gaming systems.


Mike: Linux & Windows Master technician, previous Earthlink high level support specialist. Web design, concepts, ecommerce, Exchange Server, Active Directory, Domain Controllers, and WAN specialist.


Thomas: Hardware and software technician 10 years + experience. Background experience includes Northgate Computers, Dlink Corporation, and CompUSA.


Chris:  Expert programmer analyst, ASP, .NET, HTML, SQL Database, + more.


Christian:  Expert photographer, layouts, design, printing, graphics and advertising.


MikeT: "The Phone Guy": Unmatched in high quality telecommunications systems, video surveillance, data and voice cabling.



Prices subject to change without notice